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          The large increase in construction projects generated by the rapid expansion of Thailand‘s economy over the last few years has resulted in several negative aspects within the construction industry. 

  • A shortage of qualified contractor compared to the number of projects available has reduce their competitiveness and resulted in a fall off of performance related to both time and quality.
  • To fill the gap resulting from a shortage of qualified contractors, smaller contractors are attempting to construct projects larger than they have the skill or experience to handle.
  • Because of the surplus of work contractors have been obtaining an excessive profit margin, which in turn has encouraged the use of inefficient construction techniques and wastage of resources.
  • The high work load coupled with inefficient techniques has resulted in a general shortage of resources in the industry, particularly with regard to skilled personnel. 

The result of the above is that the investor or property developer is not getting “Value for money”. 

  • Construction costs are too high.
  • Projects are taking too long to build.
  • Quality of finishing work is inadequate.    

As our economy has expanded over the last decade European economics among others have been in recession. The resulting limited work opportunities and low profit margins in the use of all modern construction technology necessary to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and provide quality within confined time restraints.

 “UK-THAI DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.” has been recently formed to combine the best of the overseas techniques with the best of local construction experience to provide efficiencies, skill and economics for today‘s modern property developers and investor.

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